The 11th Xiamen Workshop on Surface Chemistry: Excited-state Electronic Structure and Dynamics Theories of Complex Systems
Dec. 11-14 in Xiamen, China

In order to promote the development of frontier disciplines of surface physical chemistry, the State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces has been organizing series Xiamen Workshop on Surface Chemistry since 1999. The workshops have been held every two years, with different themes selected each time. A total of ten workshops have been held so far. The purpose is to provide an important platform for international exchange and discussion on latest research results in the related fields, and to promote international exchange and cooperation of the Laboratory.

The 11th Xiamen workshop on surface chemistry will focus on excited-state electronic structure and dynamics theories of complex systems. The aims are to gather together scientists active in the development and application of theoretical methods to describe excited states as well as quantum dynamics of complex molecular systems to understand chemical quantum phenomena occurring in condensed and heterogeneous environments.

Invited Speakers
Jochen Blumberger, University College LondonJianshu Cao, MITGuanhua Chen, The University of Hong KongYuan-Chung Cheng, National Taiwan UniversityGanglong Cui, Beijing Normal UniversityPavlo Dral, Xiamen UniversityWeihai Fang, Beijing Normal UniversityJiali Gao, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking UniversityKeli Han, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CASMaxim F. Gelin, Hangzhou Dianzi UniversityJohn Herbert, Ohio State UniversityChao-Ping Hsu, Institute of Chemistry Academia SinicaDenis Jacquemin, University of NantesOliver Kühn, University of RostockZhenggang Lan, South China Normal UniversityAurélien de la Lande, Université Paris SudXiaosong Li, University of WashingtonShuhua Li, NanJing UniversityJian Liu, Peking UniversityWenjian Liu, Shandong UniversityYi Luo, University of Science and Technology of ChinaJing Ma, NanJing UniversityYuchen Ma, Shandong UniversityOleg Prezhdo, University of South CaliforniaYoung Min Rhee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyJiushu Shao, Beijing Normal UniversityYihan Shao, University of OklahomaQiang Shi, Institute of Chemistry, CASZhigang Shuai, Tsinghua UniversityYoshitaka Tanimura, Kyoto UniversityGuohua Tao, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking UniversityChiYung Yam, Beijing Computational Science Research CenterYijing Yan, University of Science and Technology of ChinaWeitao Yang, Duke UniversityHongxing Zhang, Jilin UniversityChaoyuan Zhu, National Chiao Tung University...
Organizing Committee
Zexing CaoJun ChengGang FuWanzhen LiangXin LuPeifeng SuBinju WangWei WuDeyin WuYi ZhaoJun Zhu
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Haimei Qin 0592-2187219
Hui Lin 0592-2183013
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Xiamen is a subtropical coastal city. The weather in Xiamen in December 11-14 is usually sunny and the temperature is between 13 to 21 °C.

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